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Should You Add Your Social Media Icons to Your Website?

Well, it depends. Just because you have an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X and LinkedIn, doesn't mean you should be adding the icons to your website... here's why.

If you have 4 different social media channels that you aren't posting on regularly, then is it really even doing you any good to have the account in the first place? Hear me out... say you have a potential client - a friend just referred you to their chiropractor, but you want to check them out first. You hop on their website, though it's a bit dated, looks like they had it professionally done years ago.

Then you see the icons on their website, all four of them... you click on Facebook.. ok so it looks like they are sort of active on here, they post about 1-2 times a month. Then you hop on to their Instagram, no posts in 6 months, you click on the Twitter or X icon - no posts in close to a year, then LinkedIn. You see it's actually linked to one of the Doctor's personal LinkedIn pages, not a business page, then you see the Dr. only has 100 connections, has their wedding picture as their profile picture from 2009 and no posts in a couple years.

So what could this tell the potential client? Well, for starters, the marketing is outdated and they haven't hired any help. Why is that? Chances are, they are probably just too busy to keep up with it. Then you have to wonder... what else are they too busy to keep up with? Paperwork? Billing? Client charts and care?

Think of it like this, when you use the restroom at a restaurant, and it is destitute for a good cleaning, do you wonder about the kitchen and how clean everything is? If they can't even keep up with the bathroom - which you know they use - how can they keep up with the kitchen? Ok so we show them grace for the first time... but if it happens again- it's really not a good sign.

So how does this all tie together? If you choose to add social media icons to your website, please make sure you are keeping up with them and that they are connected to your business profiles. Personal pages (IE LinkedIn) is great for the staff pics/names to add that icon there.

I coach my clients to just start with one platform at a time. If I am managing it or they are... start with one. Get really really good with that platform and consistently posting. Using the right hashtags and strategy it can help to build your brand. If hiring a social media creator and/or manager they will put strategy behind it and know what the best hashtags are to use as well as graphics/videos.

So bottom line, yes add the icons to your website - but only if you are consistently posting to that channel.

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