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How Often Should You Update Your Website?

This really depends on what industry you are in, but generally speaking a good update should be given to your website every 2-3 years. With this said, if you are one that like to update you website yourself, we recommend a check in with your designer annually, just to be sure your website is still on brand with your marketing goals.

What to look for when you reach the 2 year mark:

  • Staff pictures and group staff pictures. Make sure the new hires are in and those that have left are out. Any group staff pics that have employees that are no longer with your company, might not be a bad idea to look at getting a new group picture taken.

  • About page - is the copy still current - when you "started your company 13 years ago" does this number need to be updated? Any milestones or achievement that have been done? Have any employees earned any certifications? What about your business?

  • Services - any updates? what needs to be removed or added? are the descriptions up to date?

  • Most importantly is your home page. Any stock pics that can be swapped out for real pics taken by a photographer. Any copy that needs to be updated.

  • Page Descriptions - do these need to be updated?

This is just part of what we would look at for a website update. We will look at analytics as well and see what key words your audience is finding you... among other things.

Need help with updating your website? Hop on a call with us and let's get 2024 off to a great start with your marketing needs!

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