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Need a Little Marketing Help?

We Got You!


Sometimes we just need to talk things out with someone. Someone who has been in our shoes and understands marketing, branding, SOP's, processes and running a business. Having this unique background can give us the edge we need to help our clients. 

We all need someone form the outside looking in with experience to help us with marketing, sales and processes. This one on one consulting package is for 3, 5 or 8 one hour sessions over the phone or zoom.

We offer step by step processes and guidance so you know what steps to take, when and for how long. Set up an initial discovery call to see if we are a good fit for each other


Social Media

Our social media services are designed to help your business reach its full potential. We offer a wide variety of options, ranging from custom branding campaigns to content creation and analytics consulting. With our help, you can create a unique and impactful presence on social media that will help to grow your business.

What makes us different, is we take the time to understand your industry, your niche’s pain points and we do a lot of research, review analytics and statistics regularly to ensure your posts are seen. We also know that our strategy works, as after 3 weeks, we increased traffic to our own website by 70%*. Contact us for a complimentary initial review of your social media presence and consultation. 

*These results are not guaranteed and are specific to this company. Each company will have their own results based on their specific analytics and strategies. 

Socia Media

Social Media


This is a crucial first step to understanding social media and how having a seamless online presence can either help or hurt your brand. This is an in-depth audit of all of you social media accounts in a report form with recommendations best for your bsuiness and industry. 

Social Media


Great option for those that already have a presence and a  following, you just need someone to talk things through and bounce ideas off of. Always good to get a third party birds-eye point of view! 

Social Media


So your a busy business owners and you have social media accounts- but you aren't quite seeing the results. We have increased our own website traffic by 70% with our own Sterling Social Strategy! Let us help you create a custom strategy just for you!  

Social Media 


Keeping up with your business is hard work! Let us run your social media for you, where you do not even have to lift a finger. This comes with a 90 day trial period - so we can prove our Sterling Social Strategy works for you and your business! 

WIX Website Design

As a Wix Pro Designer, we provides an affordable way to make your website look professional. Our experienced designers can help you create a unique website that reflects your brand and business goals. With the WIX cloud-based platform, you get access to an intuitive website builder and a wide range of features to make your website stand out.


Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Booking App 

  • Blog

  • Events (paid and rsvp)

  •  Automations

  • Online Chat 

  • Embeddable Forms (perfect for onboarding clients and employee's

  • Online Programs

  • Light eCommerce 

  • Members Area

  • Packages/Memberships




This includes an in-depth analysis of your website. This includes overall brand messaging, SEO, copy, niche, navigation, overall feel of the site. A full comprehensive report that will arm you with the knowledge you need to take the next step.


Sales Funnel

Get more leads and get more sales. This is a type of website that you will have full access to the leads as soon as they completed the form. WE can also set up automations for keep your prospects hot!



After a 1 hour consultation to gain a through understanding of what your business does, brand and niche. We create a custom website just for you with multiple options to choose from automations to email marketing, CRM, booking, events, blog and more. We also can have the copy written for you,



We know how busy your days are, so let us take care of the guess-work and update the website for you. This can be billed on a monthly retainer or at our currently hourly rate - lto the half hour.

Why Choose Us? 
  • Have your website designed by a WIX Pro Designer
  • Easy to maintain your own website 
  • Packages that are easily affordable 
  • 9 years experience working with WIX website platform
  • Many options to add-on to your website that fits your business needs 
  • VIP client care 
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We know your busy, juggling 5 hats at the same time and you need business cards made, graphics created for your next workshop and a newsletter template so you can just plug in your content and save time. Fear no more, we can help! 

  • Newsletter Templates

  • Flyers (print and digital)

  • Business Cards

  • Digital Graphics

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