Who We Are

We are a marketing agency that specializes in helping small business owners and non-profits with various marketing tasks. After starting out as a consulting firm in 2019, we noticed after many conversations that a bigger need was having someone to help them with their website and not charge an arm and a leg. To have a website designer that replies back with any concerns and also understands the importance of keeping a brand online and in print the same. By this, we mean using the same color codes, fonts and speech through all marketing pieces. 

We also have taken what we have learned over the years, took some classes and became certified and now have the ability to help with social media management. We have since added project management onto our portfolio as well. 

So if you have a quick one page, event flier or business card that needs to be created or even help you take on a whole new branding package, we can help. 

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What We Do

Our Team is experienced and led by an award winning entrepreneur that understands the pressures that being a small business owner has. Here are a couple reasons why.


We have:


  • Written standard operating procedures and processes for small offices (3 - 8 employees)

  • Created marketing campaigns and executed them

  • Learned the skill of newsletter and email campaigns

  • Loves to strategize branding - lately we have helped a coupe of non-profits with this task! 

  • Has coached hundreds of Sales Reps the art of sales, client care and processes 


Fellow number nerds can appreciate our analytical background! We love analyzing data, creating strategies and generating monthly reports for our clients. 

Why is this important to know? 

This background is what makes us stand out. We utilize all hands on deck to create a white glove experience for our clients!

Learn more about us and how we can help you keep your main hat on - small business owner or non-profit chair.

What my team and I bring to the table to help you is 20+ years of sales, 10 years of marketing/design and 9 years of owning a business and coaching hundreds of sales reps and business owners. We coach clients with B2B and B2C as well as coaching on personal branding strategy.

We love analyzing website statistics to help you with your website traffic, social media strategy and diving into reports to help you build a solid marketing plan. 

We want you to have a polished and professional brand from paper to print to people. 

Want to learn more about us? Keep on reading... 


White Glove Experience

We pride ourselves in our white glove experience approach to for our client care! What does this mean? 

Well, our process is really simple, so you don't get bogged down in the details - that's our job. 

Each client has their own client portal to keep their monthly social media reports in one place. This helps with no lost emails. 

Fast turnaround for website builds and updates and are easy to get a hold of. You can email, text or chat. If you need to talk to us, no problem just book a time on our calendar and you have our undivided attention. 

Social media shouldn't be a burden. When you hire us as your social media manager, we not only strategize for your industry, we also research hashtags and create custom graphics that align with your brand. We create a monthly calendar for you and execute. Basically our clients don't have to lift a finger, we create content, graphics and schedule posts that align with your audience and brand. 

Consulting is what we love to do with our clients who need a little more than just the output. Our consulting consists of 8 weeks to start out and after that we analyze about the best way to move forward for you and your business.