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Ready To Make Some Noise?

What's In The Name?

The Sterling Rose has a special meaning for meBeing that this is the only thorn-less rose that exists - that I could not stop thinking about the uniqueness of this rose,  we decided to use this beautiful, one of a kind rose in our wedding. 

Fast forward a couple decades later,  as I'm thinking of a name for my business, I remember the uniqueness of the sterling rose and the sentimental value of it. The uniqueness being that I have had to teach myself how to stand out against my competition, like the sterling rose. So this is what I teach my clients. 


Our Story

We are a fun marketing firm that loves to create websites, social media, consulting and make you stand out from your competition. With 9 years experience using the WIX platform, and 20 years in award-winning sales and marketing, we can assist you and your business strategize, design and if needed automate your business and get your brand shining bright on the inter-webs!

Having owned a small business “side hustles” for years, I had to learn how to do marketing as well as design work as I was bootstrapping it. This is where my marketing journey began - in 2009. Between taking classes, trial and error and earning certificates, I found that with a mix of my accounting and finance degree and everything I had learned, I enjoyed the statistical and analytical part of marketing as much as designing.


After gaining a few clients, I decided to turn this side hustle into a business, so in 2019 I created an LLC. Since then it has still remained a side -hustle until recently, when I decided to close my insurance agency. I picked this up as my “main hustle”. With a rebrand almost complete and expanding to work with other freelancers as well, we offer a broader range of services to help small business owners with creating their own brand strategy through consulting, WIX website design, social media and consulting.



Here is a list of industries that we have worked with in the past and currently work with:

  • Insurance

  • Financial Advising

  • Mortgage

  • Fine Jewelry

  • Accounting 

  • Event Planning

  • Network Marketing/Direct Sales 

  • Skin Care/Cosmetics

  • Wellness

  • Nanny Placement/Resource Center

  • Physical Therapy

  • Consulting

  • Networking Membership Organization

  • Non Profit : Women's Transition Organization

  • Non Profit : Food Distribution

  • Local Artist Gift Shop

  • Community Welcome Center

  • ATV & Jet Car Rental 

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