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Understanding The Difference Between Restricted & Unrestricted Facebook Friends

Wait, there is a restricted setting for my friend list? Yep.

This setting is usually good for those in your friends list that you might want to “un-friend” but shouldn’t because maybe they are family, clients or you know that person would be deeply hurt if you unfriended them. On the same hand, you want to protect yourself from seeing their posts and them seeing yours.

This is where the restricted option on your friends list is a really good idea.

When you add a Facebook friend to your restricted list, they only see your public posts. So just keep this in mind when you share posts from pages as they are visible to the public. Also be sure when you create a post, you have the privacy setting on friends and not the public- unless you don’t care who sees the post.

This is how you add a current Facebook friend to the restricted list.

  1. Go to your friends profile

  2. Click on the blue “friends” button

  3. A menu will drop down asking if you want to unfriend or edit friends list. Choose edit friends list.

  4. Another menu will appear, scroll until you see “restricted”, then select.

  5. You’re all set! Now this friend will only see your public posts Until you remove them from this list.

Some will say, why bother just unfriend them. Which of course if that’s what you need to do, then please do. This way is a good way to “keep the peace” and maintaining your distance. This option is also good for those that are building their audience for their social media marketing strategy but wanting to keep some element of privacy.

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