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"Unveiling the Top 10 Fun Facts About Working With a Social Media Manager"

Woman checking social media business accounts
Woman checking social media business accounts

Working with a social media manager - like us - can be enlightening and

an enjoyable experience. Here are 10 fun facts about working with one.

  1. Trend Spotters: Social media managers are like professional trend hunters, always on the lookout for the latest memes, viral videos, and popular hashtags. They can keep your content fresh and engaging by leveraging these trends.

  2. Creative Collaboration: You get to brainstorm creative ideas for campaigns or posts, which can be a very fun and collaborative process. It often involves bouncing ideas off each other and coming up with innovative ways to engage audiences.

  3. Learning on the Go: Social media platforms evolve rapidly, and working with a social media manager means you're constantly learning about new features, algorithms, and best practices. It’s like having a guide in the fast-changing digital landscape.

  4. Analytics Are Fun (Really!): While data might sound dull, social media managers can show you the fun in analytics by demonstrating how changes in content can lead to spikes in engagement or how audience demographics shift over time.

  5. Creative Freedom: Social media managers often encourage creativity, allowing for experimentation with different types of content, from GIFs and videos to polls and stories. This can make your social media efforts feel more like play than work.

  6. Influencer Insights: They have the inside scoop on influencers and can orchestrate collaborations that might otherwise seem out of reach. Watching an influencer bring your brand to life in their style is both exciting and rewarding.

  7. Crisis Management Drills: If ever there’s a social media crisis, you'll find it fascinating how quickly and efficiently a skilled social media manager can handle the situation, turning potential disasters into opportunities for positive PR.

  8. Hashtag Holidays: You’ll discover there’s a day for everything! Social media managers love to capitalize on hashtag holidays, from #NationalPizzaDay to #WorldPoetryDay, which can make for some fun and timely content.

  9. Seeing Instant Results*: One of the joys of digital marketing is the immediacy of the feedback. Posts can go viral in hours, and watching the likes, shares, and comments roll in can be thrilling.

  10. Diverse Skills: Social media managers often wear multiple hats—photographer, copywriter, strategist, customer service rep, and more. Working closely with them can give you insights into these different roles, making every day a learning opportunity.

*Although with some accounts you may see instant results, others may take some time. There are a lot of variables when it comes to managing a client's social media account(s) to which we are happy to grow and learn more about your business and audience to help you shine on social!

Curious of how this all works with your business or professional LinkedIn profile? Book a discovery call with us!


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