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Stop The Scroll

Is your messaging good enough to stop people from scrolling?

Not sure?

Well, let's dive into this a bit and see what it might be!

Graphics/Video: Check out the pic/graphic that is with your social media posts. Are they branded with your business colors and text? Are they stock pics you grabbed off google (would NOT recommend this as you could be breaking copyright laws). Your videos - how is the first frame? Are you smiling? If you are using text, is it legible? How is the feel of the video? Of course it depends what your messaging is, but it should be strong enough (colors, text, image) to make people stop scrolling and watch/read - at least your niche!

Copy: How are you talking? Like your speaking to a friend or colleague? Do you sound like yourself or like your reading something? Or even like you copied and pasted from someone else's content? Not that you would do that, you're legit in all your work ;) What I have found and have heard form my mentors is to sound like you're real, like you're having a conversation with the reader. Not in the third person either.

Timing: Yes, this matters... big time! If you're posting at a time of your day when you're followers aren't likely to see it, you're wasting your time. What I would recommend is using a scheduler that learns your audiences habits over time. While your researching, post at noon everyday. That'll give you a good place to start.

Track: Oh, yeah!!! We love to track right? Well, those of us that like to track - see our results and what we need to work on and what is working. If you don't have Google Analytics (or another analytical system on your website - get on it. This data will give you what you need for not only advertising spending but also where to spend your time for marketing.

Tackle these four items and it'll give you some good data to review and see what your followers like!

Yours In Success,



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