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Facebook: How Often Should I Post?

How often should you post on your Facebook Business Page?? Well two answers here... I believe in quality over quantity.

If you or your staff doesn't have enough time to post daily, then I would look at this strategy.

Once a week with some good content is better than every day with OK content.

Unless you're trying to break algorithms, increase your followers or flood your followers with a special campaign. That's a different strategy. I'll talk about this in a different post.

Otherwise, if your an entrepreneur, start with one social media account and think about what strategy you want. You don't need to get overwhelmed too easily, so just stick with one account for right now.

When you get that account down, then add on another one.

Hope this helps!


ps if you ever need to talk strategy, I got you! Check out my calendar and book a time to chat!


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