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5 Reasons Why Those Pre-Made Templates Do Not Help You Build Your Audience & Brand

Yep. I said it and I’ll say it again. Those pre-made templates that other companies give you to use on your social media posts are not helping you. Why? Here’s the breakdown…

  1. They weren’t made just for your business. They were made for the mass clients (or independent contractors) and they don’t reflect you as a professional or your business.

  2. They don’t help you build your SEO. You might think - ok but I’m posting on social media somewhat regularly and they do look professional, so they must be ok to use. The content and links should be about YOUR specific audience and the link should go back to YOUR website… even if it’s just a profile page on a corporate website. Otherwise you’re helping the company that created the content and link … not yourself.

  3. They don’t have your custom logo, social media page name or brand colors. Everyone knows - at least those in marketing - that tte graphic’s you’ve been posting aren’t yours - it has the company’s logo and branding colors - why would you want to give this other company more website traffic and visibility than your own? No, it’s not better than nothing - it can come across as being lazy though ;)

  4. No strategy. I’m big on the numbers and ROI… which most small business owners are, which is why for the most part I see independent contractors (or maybe they are just Dutch) using these templates. Ah! The time you are putting into getting these graphics and copying and pasting the content could be used for bringing in business! Good Social Media Managers have strategies in place and watch the analytics. It’s so much more than just posting “something”.

  5. It could be hurting you rather than helping you. Remember I mentioned earlier it could make you look lazy? Here is an example, when I see two agents from the same insurance company posting the same graphic and content… It drives me crazy. This isn’t helping you stand out from your competition - them - if you’re posting the exact same thing. Insert face-palm. Are you following me now? Social media is a way for you to be creative and stand out from not just the colleagues that work at the same company but also your competition.

It is SO WORTH IT to hire a Social Media Manager to do this for you. All of it, not just some it, all of it. Delegate, hand it off and let them work their magic. Now. Just remember that social media branding success does not happen at the snap of a finger or when you sign that contract - unless you’re a overnight celebrity. It does takes time, like possibly a year depending on how often your manager posts, algorithm, hashtags, content and the research done to get there.

My packages are a lot different than your average SM Mgr. Here is my shameless plug - Yes, you get the white glove experience when you become my client. I take care of everything, comments and engagement, graphics, reports, hashtag research and content research. I’ve even drove out to clients and taken branding pics for some sm posts.

The best advice I can give you when looking at your social media strategy is to let a professional who is certified to handle your account or at least coach you through if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and tackle it. If you’re interested in learning more of booking a chat with me follow this link:

Yours In Success,



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