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People don't want to follow brands, they want to follow people.

One of the top predicted trends for 2024. Audiences will increasingly favor content with a personal connection. Trust in institutions is declining, whereas trust in individuals is rising.


Podcasts, personal brands (especially on LinkedIn), and highlighting the faces behind your brand will be a massive lever to pull in 2024.

Gallup conducted a survey asking Americans their confidence in newspapers and big business and the confidence levels were 16% and 14% respectively in 2022. There is a glaring distrust between consumers and institutions, now that you have the data, respond accordingly in 2024.*

Does this make you blink? Yep - me too. So lets work together to strategize your year!

First up; Book a time to strategize with your team. What do you have as a company that is coming up and needs to be out there? Make the list!

Second; for each item on the list, write down details... example - company anniversary party - budget, event ideas/theme and point person.

Third; reach out to your social media manager with these details. They can get a head start and include these items in your sm marketing! Very important.

Fourth; contact your website designer, make sure they have what they need for updates!

Fifth; delegate or hire someone to take videos and pics at your events. Even staff birthday parties, bring your pet to work day, community service day, etc. cause remember... people want to follow people 🙂

Sixth; if you don't have a team to strategize with, need help with social media posts or a web designer that you actually get a hold of and get turn around is pretty darn quick, give us a shout! We'd love to help where we can.

Yours In Success,


*Marketing Millennials.


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